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Deputies then attempted to stun him with Tasers twice, she said. He then stood up and began pacing around, screaming at times, while still holding the alleged knife.  "He was pacing in circles," she said. "They just kept saying, 'Drop the knife.' Nobody ever said, 'Jermaine, what's wrong? Jermaine, do you need an ambulance? Jermaine, what is it?' Nobody ever said that. The only thing they were saying was, 'Jermaine, drop the knife. Jermaine, drop the knife. Jermaine, drop the knife. And the more they said that, it's like the more of a meltdown he was having. He had the knife


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The officers "viciously punched (Mohamed) about the head and body, before and after he was taken into custody," dragged him down the stairs, arrested and continued to beat him, according to court documents and trial testimony. Police treat mentally handicapped people the same as emotionally disturbed persons. There is a difference and training should reflect it, Aboushi said. The city has not decided whether to appeal. Walid Mohamed was beaten by cops who came when his family called an ambulance to take him to safety on day Hurricane Sandy hit city in 2012. (Walid Mohamed Family Handout) "We